Montblanc invents the first digital writing instruments

Montblanc invents the first digital writing instruments

A pioneer in the industry of writing instruments, pens by refined, elegant and high quality, Montblanc house now entering a new era by offering stylus allowing both to write or draw on any touch screen.

Concerning the product, the stylus is made of hard silicone material that offers the precision of a writing instrument similar to ordinary pens. Through this technology, the pens are used to transmit the natural tension of the hand of the user via the metal parts of the writing instrument until the tip of the stylus on the touch screen (smartphone or tablet). In all cases, the stylus can change and give way to a peak of Rollerball or fine felt to fit the desire of everyone.

Montblanc Writing Instruments

To start pens, Montblanc launches two collections StarWalker Extreme (black resin) and Extreme Steel (polished steel finish) are proposed to respectively 480 and 860 euros.

Meanwhile, Montblanc announced a partnership with Samsung in the launch of a series of accessories for the Galaxy Note 4.

This exclusive collection includes two styluses specially dedicated to the latest tablet from Samsung.

Montblanc-Samsung Writing Instruments

With this new offering, Montblanc continues to expand, and says his hand grip on writing instruments, however, this kind of product is still mainly used by creative (architects, designers, art director …) and seniors , we wish them to find their customers.

Hugo Bourgeois

Hugo Bourgeois

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