Montblanc, a luxury brand of writing instruments

Montblanc, a luxury brand of writing instruments

Montblanc is a German company, which was founded in 1906. It is specialized in the manufacture of luxury pens, but also watches, leather goods, jewellery and perfumes.


The House created writing instruments that became icons of writing culture.

In 1910, the first fountain pen was launched. It’s a revolution at the level of the design and also at the level of the technique because it doesn’t leak when it is closed.

In effect, at the time, writings were still made with a feather that we had to dip into an inkpot. And then, the founders of the brand had the idea to design and create a feather which has an individual refill, allowing so to write at any time without inkwell: a real revolution for that period.

MontblancIn 1913, the white star on the hood, symbolizing the snowy summit and the six glaciers of the Mont Blanc, becomes the logo of the brand, and the new name of the company (before, “Simplo Filler Pen Company”). And since its creation, the strongest symbol of the brand is the “white star” which appears on every pen’s hoods. Moreover the traditional workmanship of the feathers can take at least more than forty steps, and only manuals.

The Montblanc’s pen, called the Meisterstück is still considered as an object of timeless design.

Sustainable value, highest quality, excellence in craftsmanship, and creativity make Montblanc’s products elegant and refined objects, which enrich the individual style of the brand’s customers.

And it’s still used regularly during signatures of important commercial, political or cultural international agreements.


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