Mont Blanc Shakespeare

Mont Blanc Shakespeare

Montblanc is known for its Writers Edition pen collections that were first introduced in 1992.

The purposes of these Limited Edition pens are to honor various literary greats over the years. This year selection was focused on poet and playwright William Shakespeare. This year is the 400th anniversary of his death, or like Mont Blanc calls it ‘’anniversary of his life’s achievements’’ and what better way to honor this exclusive persona with an actual limited edition pen-or two.

This launch was made with two distinct versions: one an ultra-limited guilloche and lacquer fountain pen named ‘William Shakespeare Limited Edition 1597’, and the second one a black and white resin collection called the ‘Writers Edition William Shakespeare’.

The ‘Williams Shakespeare Limited Edition 1597’ is an edition related to the year when ‘’The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet’’ was first published.

The multi-colored barrel features guilloche patterns that evoke a quill, as Shakespeare might have used to pen his works. This pattern is overlaid with lacquer, as is the adjacent complementary pattern enrobed in blue. These facets are in turn separated by a gold ring with embossed symbols reminiscent of Shakespeare’s career.

The black cap and red barrel coloration is a reference to the flags that flew above the Globe theater signifying the genre of the play being performed: red for historical drama and black for tragedy / The smattering of blue references royalty, power and heavenly grace. A ‘Tudor Rose’, in honor of Elizabeth I and her patronage of Shakespeare, embellishes the base of the pen.

This collection includes matching cufflinks in yellow gold PVD or stainless steel, each with a ‘Tudor Rose’ featured as the central design element.

The ‘Writers Edition William Shakespeare’ debuts a fountain pen, rollerball and ballpoint; a mechanical pencil is included with the pens that are sold as sets. Like its ultra-limited counterpart, its color combination references the flags that were raised above the famous Globe: white for comedy and black, tragedy. The cap crown is shaped like the roof of the theater, and it features the famous Montblanc emblem at its center.

Sara Costa

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