Miraval: the best rosé in the World

Miraval: the best rosé in the World

Since Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie bought a property in the South of France, they officially declared their love for the culture of our beloved country. But living there occasionally during the year was not enough for the couple, so they decided, in association with Beaucastel Chateau from the Perrin Family, to create their own rosé. And when they get involve in such a project, they are not doing things partially. Not only the beverage is excellent gustatory, but it is also the only rosé in the world of being a part of the Top 100 ranking of the Wine Spectator. So the 2012 cuvée of Côte-de-Provence Miraval is then officially the “Best rosé of the World”. We now know what we would sip next summer by the pool. Cheers!




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