The Millennials: who are today’s fashion Holy Grail

The Millennials: who are today’s fashion Holy Grail

Today’s society doesn’t talk a lot, they prefer emojis.

Or at least this is what our parents and grandparents have said at lest once. That might be true, but what is also true is that communication is more important now than ever and communication studies have been booming in the last ten years.

But who is this communication directed to? There are several answers for this question and they also depend on who is asking the question but one thing is for sure: the only common answer is “The Millennials”.

In case you have been living under a rock for the past half decade and don’t know who the Millennials are, they are that part of the population between twenty and thirty who spend a lot of time on Instagram and buy a lot of stuff. For that reason, they are the main target of anyone selling literally anything and all brands go crazy over them like I used to go crazy over the Jonas Brothers when I was thirteen. Yes i know, don’t judge.

The Millennials buy and brands love them and this makes the Millennials powerful. That is why we can say without fear that they have changed the world of communication.


Francesca Policastro

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