Michelin stars restaurant. What is it?

Michelin stars restaurant. What is it?


“Man only truly respects what he pays for!”


Nowadays to be awarded a Michelin star (or two, or three) is the top of the restaurant industry. Actually, Michelin has a long history of reviewing restaurants.

In 1900, the French Michelin tire company and the owners André and Edouard Michelin launched its first guidebook to encourage road tripping in France. In 1904 the Guide went international, with the publication of the Michelin Guide Belgium. The Britain Guide started in 1911.

The star system was born in 1926, with the creation of the dining star. The term “Michelin Star” is a hallmark of fine dining quality and restaurants around the world through their Michelin Star status. Michelin awards 0 to 3 stars concentrate on the quality, mastery of technique, personality and consistency of the food, in making the reviews.  They do not look at interior decor, table setting, or service quality in awarding stars, though the guide shows forks and spoons, which describes how fancy or casual a restaurant may be.




Only the best of the best are awarded Michelin stars, and if you plan to visit one of them, you can count on a few things: an upscale restaurant, a delicious meal, and a true fine-dining experience.





Ivlieva Margaryta


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