Mercedes-Benz Arrow 460

Mercedes-Benz Arrow 460

Mercedes-Benz announced the launch of its very own yacht in April. At the Monaco Yacht Show, the car company finally unveiled the final design for the ‘Arrow460-Granturismo’ and it is set to command a name for the brand at sea as it does on land. The result of this amazing collaboration between Mercedes and Silver Arrows Marine, which created Arrow460-Granturismo, promises unrivalled comfort with sports performance.

This luxurious yacht interior offers its comfort for up to 10 passengers, which is impressive, considering that the yacht measures only 14 meters. The wraparound windows can slide open to invite a generous amount of light in. The windows can even be tinted or clarified with the simple touch of a button –

How amazing does it sound? Right now you’re probably imagining yourself in a nice island with the summer breeze passing through and all this is possible for $1.7 million.

But before leaving this mazing yacht behind here’s what Ron Gibbs, Chairman of Silver Arrows Marine said:


‘’By blending the maritime and automotive world with their respective design idioms, technologies and ideas we have created a new standard for motor yachts – It blend maritime engineering artistry with charismatic design and perfect elegance, familiar from the world of Mercedes-Benz’’.

Sara Costa