Meeting between technology and fashion.

Meeting between technology and fashion.


The smart fitting booth has existed for a while and has now its own exhibition in Tel Aviv during the fashion tech festival.

Managers of start-ups and designers meet there to share their experiences and also their projects. Those start-ups prove to anyone that with the new technology, we can change the way people are consuming fashion, online and offline. For example Infime, a start-up that sells lingerie, works on an application to help their clients fitting directly in their goods.


The body is scanned in 3D and the person can visualize herself or himself directly on the screen just by putting the measurements. After that, you can visualize the product on your own model either in store or on your Smartphone. In store, there is a QR code in each pieces of the brand, so that you can scan it and have the product in your model directly on your smartphone.


This is just one example where fashion meets technology.

Awa Ndoye


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