Mauboussin leaves the Place Vendôme

Mauboussin leaves the Place Vendôme

The Place Vendôme is the most famous place known for his jewelers worldwide.


There are the greatest Jeweler’s Maisons, the first one was Frederic Boucheron in 1893. And then Louis François Cartier in 1899 and Joseph Chaumet two years later.

Mauboussin opened in 1955. The brand is very well-known for its « accessible luxury jewelries » and to give prices in their advertising.

Mauboussin earn 70% of its turnover in France for 90% of French customers.
However “Place Vendôme » has changed and has nearly exclusively Russians, Asians and middle-east customers with the globalization.

The jeweler does not expect growth in France in 2015 because of the economic downturn and wants to leave the Place Vendome for rue de la Paix, where rents are lower and the densest traffic.


It is a difficul period for the Maison who has never made any secret of its manufacturing in India or China. Now, it repatriated nearly half of its production in France and Italy last year to give a better brand image.

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