Manifesto Collection of Paco Rabanne at the hotel Georges V

Manifesto Collection of Paco Rabanne at the hotel Georges V

In the fifties, Paco Rabanne moved to Paris to study architecture. In order to be able to afford his studies, he started to create drawings and design accessories to Haut couture houses such as Balenciaga, Dior and Givenchy. Ten years later, in 1965 he created some accessories in plastic (the rhodoïd) inspired in the pop-art and Calder. Young prêt-à-porter designers such as Michelle Rosier, Christiane Bailly  and Emmanuelle Khanh used that accessory in its shows. It was a success.

Finally, in 1966 Paco Rabanne presented his first collection as a fashion designer in the Georges V Hotel, in Paris.  12 dresses designed in contemporary materials. Rhodoïd pieces hooked with aluminum rings. It was more than a parade, a happening with airs of Manifesto. It was the first time that a fashion show was not in silence; he broke with both the traditional materials and methods. He presented barefoot models who danced causing such a big scandal, that he leaved the architecture to dedicate all his time to the fashion world.

Chanel called him “the metallurgist”. He used metal, paper, plastic, rubber…. which lead to innovative techniques which had never been used in Haut Couture.

His transgressor style took part of the revolution of 1960 that Andre Courreges, Pierre Cardin and Paco Rabanne carried out. Paco Rabanne, the most vanguardist among them added a new vision to fashion.



Alicia Queralt

Alicia QUeralt