MAISON MASSARO – The French Art of Shoemaking

MAISON MASSARO – The French Art of Shoemaking

Founded in 1894 in Paris, Maison Massaro has always had an incredible international clientele. Women and men who marked their times where accomplices of this magnificent brand. People like Barbara Hutton, Elsa Schiaparelli, Léon Blum, the duchesse of Windsor and Elizabeth Taylor to quote a few.


This family business has made history by creating timeless models that are still fashionable today.

They started by mainly creating shoes for the rich and powerful of the time and gradually developed a tighter bond with haute couture creators.

It was in the Massaro atelier, in 1954, that the elastic ballerina was created for Madame Grès which would mark its era.

Later in 1957, the maison created another classic: Chanel’s bicolor sandals. Beige and black, these pair of shoes would become one of Chanel’s biggest feature and still available today. The contrast of beige and black elongates the leg while making the foot seem smaller.



Since then, many iconic designers have worked with the maison: Azzedine Alaïa, Emmanuel Ungaro, Guy Laroche and Christian Dior, among others.


In order to protect its famous savoir-faire, Chanel bought the luxury artisanal houses that crafts for them, which was done for Massaro in 2002. They were joined by the hatmaker Maison Michel, the plumassier Lemarié, the artificial flowermaker Guillet, the Goossens jeweler, the goldsmith Desrues and the embroiders Lessage and Montex.



With a recognizable history of savoir-faire, the shoes are handmade. Clients can choose from their collections, but also have it custom made. Satin, lamb, box, exotic skins… tens of materials, colors can dress the shape you choose.

Once the model is chosen, the second step is taking accurate measurements. Footprint and foot volume are recorded and noted according to an immutable ritual.

Then comes the fitting: from the measurements, the shoemaker has realized a pair of lasts on which he has assembled a prototype reserved for fine adjustments on your foot.



But luxury isn’t the only main focus of this great shoemaker, Massaro also offers the service of a department dedicated to orthopedics. Shoes made with extensive knowledge of anatomy, different pathologies and specific techniques to this integral face of shoemaking. They promise to make comfortable shoes without having to sacrifice elegance and style. The maison is even approved by the French Social Welfare as eligible Pedorthist provider.

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