Mai 68, The liberation of the women

Mai 68, The liberation of the women

Her hair stitched with flowers, sandals on her feet and a smile on her lips. Young idealists of the 1960s.

Their utopia seemed to want to be realized; The future belongs to youth and its Peace & Love philosophy.

But economic growth is starting to decline and unemployment is increasing. Students are worried about their future.

In spring 68 in France it is the beginning of several weeks of demonstrations during which the students raise barricades and confront the police.

France is in full revolution.

Meanwhile a man, André Courrèges goes without knowing it change forever the woman and his style, as well as help him to emancipate.

Some divide the history of fashion into two biblical epochs: BC & AC
Before Courrèges and After Courrèges.

The imagination of Courrèges will give birth to “girls moons” with long legs wearing short skirts and white pants.

In 1969, during his parade in New York his models were seen as extraterrestrials.
It was new, young, insolent and liberating.
Subsequently, a large number of women will opt for clothes away from the body, with short skirts and above all show off their bodies.

“In the future the woman will have a healthy and muscular body and from a purely morphological point of view – she will keep it until old age. »André Courrèges

This is the reason why the miniskirt immediately seemed to be the appropriate clothing for the modern woman.

In the streets of London and Paris a great number of anonymous girls invaded the streets with skirts which they had shortened themselves.

The merit of André Courrèges is to have dared to introduce the miniskirt in haute couture.
It was thus that a short thing brought into the world with scissors became a refined and calculated garment in the smallest details. With her skirt in the shape of a Triangle, Courrèges allowed the woman to move freely.


Valentine Perreaux

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