Luxury way to live

Luxury way to live

What would you do if you were rich? First answer of the women is to go shopping and buy everything they could and men say they will buy a car. This is their first thought, but how do real luxury people live?

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 Normally men works and the woman just sometimes, but when she does not work, she is always with her friends, shopping and traveling, organizing events and making sport. They have nothing to worry about. During the week he is at work, but he still have time to be with his friends and have a glass of whiskey in the bar of a hotel. When the weekend arrives is time for both to enjoy.

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Is this the perfect life everyone would love to have? No is the answer; a majority think is perfect for a while, but don’t they get tired of always having everything? This is something that only they could tell us.

Rocío Álvarez