Luxury trends in Spain

Luxury trends in Spain

In spite of all the crises that fault Spain during the 21st century the emergence of luxury and the economic growth of this country is really important since 2015. If we focus on the European countries, Spain occupies the fifth row in the luxury market within the European Union, behind France, Italy, Germany, and Switzerland. Since 2011 this sector knew a 33.3% growth, and it’s quite huge. Spain is now the world leader, in term of growth rate, the sales volume of luxury goods.

So what are the trends in this area and what appeal client?

Products gourmet as well as cosmetics represent the biggest sales volume in Spain and occupy 55 % of the total activity of the sector of the luxury. The association of Spain Luxury goods “Christina Martin” also said that fashion and accessories, such as jewelry and leather acquired more and more weight in Spain.

The brand Loewe is now really known in the luxury Market in all Europe.

Moreover, The Chinese tourists remain the most spender customers in the Spanish stores and Barcelona the best place to do shopping in the country concentrating 44 % of the income.


Alice Gobert


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