Luxury trends in Asia

Luxury trends in Asia

Asia is one of the biggest Luxury markets in the world. Lots of people there travel to Europe to buy luxury goods from Chanel, Louis Vitton and other fantastic brands that make them dream. If we focus on the Chinese Market, it represents 32 % of the purchases of luxury items in the world, among which 80 % except for their territory.

Chinese between 15 and 24 years olds are 200 million, five times more than the Americans. Lightly indebted, not very affected by unemployment, attracted by travels, they hold the keys of the consumption down from range. They want exclusive consumers to involvement and they are really engaged in the digital experience.

For example, in the Asian continent, WeChat is the leader of the social network. You have more than 1000 million active users but also 300 million connected credit cards and 200 million bank accounts. It’s huge and that’s why Dior was the first luxury brand to offer the opportunity to buy bags directly on the app.

The Luxury, on this grand east zone, would feed new perceptions; they want to be better informed and don’t hesitate to criticize gaps and excesses of Luxury houses. As they are very informed and in admiration for the Europe luxury brands, they have real requirements regarding authenticity, regarding quality and regarding service.


Alice Gobert

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