Luxury sponsorship in sports

Luxury sponsorship in sports

GiseleBundchen_malle-Trophee-Louis-Vuitton_Coupe-du-Monde-de-la-FIFA_lowresLuxury and sport a winning team? Yes it is possible. First luxury was sponsored Polo or golf; luxury is now partner with more popular sports.

 Luxury and sport shared similar values: beauty, elegance and exclusivity. They are both looking for extraordinary, fighting the ordinary, and they generate exaltation. That’s why luxury brand tend to be present in premium tournament such as Roland Garros with Longines, Wimbledon with Rolex, golf tournaments with Omega, Ralph Lauren with polo.Longines_et_Roland_Garros_640_360_s_c1_center_top

Today, more popular sports are sponsored by luxury brand: Louis Vuitton who made the case of the 2010 World cup trophies, Stella McCartney who dressed the Athletes for the London Olympic games and athletes who become models for luxury brand. It is a very logical step because all those sports share the same beliefs: Love of beauty and enhance of the body. That is thanks to this hedonism that luxury and sport work so well together.

Alexandra Taillandier

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