Luxury and second-hand: are they compatible?

Luxury and second-hand: are they compatible?

If you are a fashion addict, and your bank account becomes to get tired of it, you may have already looked for another way to live your passion without financially dying.

Maybe have you noticed that a lot of websites offer you the possibility to acquire luxury goods at a lower price? How is it possible? Either these luxury products are not being sold but rented, either they come from owners that want to sell them. Either way, you get to have a luxury product that was already used.

The question is “Are second-hand luxury goods still luxury?”. Well, it depends on how you see it. But the fact is that if the luxury piece is genuine, it being a second hand good does not change anything about how it was made and where it comes from in a first place. On the other hand, luxury is also an experience, and the price is part of it.

But really, acquiring a luxury product is about its design, its quality, its style, its timelessness and uniqueness. Is it that bad if somebody already wore it? As long as the piece was not damaged or counterfeited.

Indeed, this kind of practice is quite common in the luxury world. In order not to experience this, very serious websites as Instant Luxe take care of verifying the product’s provenance and authenticity, before sending it to you.

Renting luxury goods is also an increasing activity that knows a great success. Its turnover increases of 5% each year and represented 19-billion dollars two years ago, all categories. Ready-to-wear and accessories represented only 4-billion dollars at that time.


Jezabel Sarrotte


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