Luxury loves connected watches

Luxury loves connected watches

Digital and connected devices are part of our daily life. Most of the time, when we think about luxury, we think about quality, exclusivity, but mostly timelessness and craftsmanship. These are its core values. However, technology is very much used nowadays to improve luxury experiences. Isn’t it contradictory? Technology is everything but timeless, and is made by machines.

Truth is, technology is now part of the luxury world too. The Maisons use it as an additional device to improve their offer and their products.

For instance, Louis Vuitton joined the “connected watch” team by launching their own: “Tambour Horizon”. The luxury house offers you the possibility to personalize the watch dial among several propositions, along with the bracelet. This watch tells you all the information you need to know when you have to catch a flight: terminal, boarding gate and travel time. It gives you any country’s time you like and indicates the number of steps you made during the day. All the information a good traveller needs. Here, the connected device improves the traveller’s experience, as Louis Vuitton’s core values are travelling and exploring the world.

Emporio Armani also launched their brand new connected watch. So did TAG Heuer.

As though watches were the only luxury accessories that will always dress people and give them the last luxury touch, this item is being improved in a way that it becomes indispensable to wear. These improvements are still made following the luxury codes, as exclusivity and high quality.


Jezabel Sarrotte

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