Luxury logo’s and the meaning behind them

Luxury logo’s and the meaning behind them

Back in 1854, Louis Vuitton created his luggage business in Paris. Because the rail and automotive travel became more popular, his company began to grow. Many known people from that day carried his trunks. His luggage was not only of very good quality but it became a status symbol. To honor his father and show the world that the trunks were Louis Vuitton, the son of created the LV monogram. This way everyone could see from who the trunks were and prevent counterfeits.

After logo’s being a way for the artist to show their sign visibly, logo’s became a way for the clients to show off what brand they are wearing. Besides that, logo’s create a visual that reflect the company’s history, traditions and values. But do you know the meanings of all the logos? Let’s take a look at some of them:

Hermès – The Hermès carriage

The Hermès logo consists of a royal carriage and a horse. Something you might not expect from the brand. However, if you know the brand’s history, Hermès started as a harness workshop creating luxury harnesses and bridles for horse-drawn carriages for the European noblemen.

Versace – Greek goddess Medusa

Just like Medusa would turn people into stone when looking at her hair, Gianni Versace wanted the same effect on his clients too. He wanted them to be “stunned at the sight of his designs and be forever attracted to the brand” (Sison, 2017). Besides that, he chose the goddess for this three attributes: authority, attractiveness, and fatal fascination.

Prada – rope emblem

Whilst Prada mostly uses just their name for branding, they do have an emblem with history. In 1919 they were appointed as the official suppliers to the Italian Royal Household. This allowed them to use the House of Savoy’s coat of arms.


Written by Claire Boerma


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