Luxury is it reserved for adults ?

Luxury is it reserved for adults ?

Fashion and luxury for teens and children… 

North West for Chanel

North West for Chanel

That is not a secret, in the luxury business you have to count on children too. At the dawn of the great luxury brand that are already make outfit/items for them for years, Baby Dior, Guess Kids, Kenzo kids, Armani Junior, Ralph Lauren children swear and so much more … Children have today their words to say.

Present on catwalks and on billboard of fashion brands, teens and babies manage the fashion industry.

This last time we saw North West who has made her modelling debut in CR Fashion Book, and of course she’s wearing Chanel. Or the son of David and Victoria Beckham, Romeo Beckham who stars in Burberry’s campaign for the second time.

Next to North West’s photo is a quote from the brand’s creative director Karl Lagerfeld, which says: ‘It is never too early to care about fashion.’ And that is true.

Even for watches, today it is a different target that attracts the industry. In wealthy families, luxury consumption begins at a young age through leisure activities or schools of renown. These areas, watchmaking has long been neglected. Today, watch models for “juniors” are often represented by plastic-time guards. The Junior prestige watch market appears as a real niche of luxury in the heart of many manufacturers strategies.

Two major issues are to be considered, the first of extending the symbolic gift market. Traditionally it is a sign of maturity, the watch is the ideal gift for exceptional occasions, including in children. The second challenge is based on a value of transmission logic, that a young person used to wear a luxury watch will be more likely to be luxury models consumer when they become adults. Similarly, the chances that he buys in turn a junior shows his children are more numerous.

Romeo Beckham for Burberry - 2014

Romeo Beckham for Burberry – 2014


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