Luxury industry in Taiwan

Luxury industry in Taiwan


(Photo: Shin Kong Mitsukoshi deparment store in Xinyi District)

As an importance market of luxury goods, in spite of the fluctuation on economic situation, Taiwan still remain the robust sales of luxury goods, spending power remain strong. And from 2014, Taiwanese government’s open trip policy for the Mainland China has driven the number of Chinese tourists to visit Taiwan and bring the strong demand to the luxury goods. Moreover, the Chinese government’s ban on gifting luxury goods led the consumption transfer to Taiwan.


(Photo:E-DA outlet mall)

In Taiwan, there are lots of department stores having luxury houses, like Taipei 101, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, Breeze, Sogo and E-DA outlet mall, you can spend all day in there, enjoying your shopping in the comfortable environments, buying some commodities in the supermarket, and have some delicious exotic cuisines when you are hungry! Last but not the least, Taiwan’s hospitality industry has a reputation for friendly service, it definitely will bring you the best shopping experience!

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