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Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel founded Chanel. She opened her first shop, ‘Chanel Modes’ in 1910 in Paris. She alteredescarga (2)d the way that ladies felt about clothes and their lifestyles. She had led the revolution of dismissing the restrictive and tight corsets of the time in favor of comfort and casual elegance. This achievement led for the opening of the first Chanel Couture Residence in 1915, in Biarritz.

 The first most famous clothe was the ‘little black dress’ which remains a mainstay of many women’s collections right now. Coco was awarded the Style Oscar in 1957 as the most influential designer of the 20th Century. Gabrielle Chanel died on 10th January, 1971. She change the women style, we could say she change the way of life and liberate women, let them be free and dressed as they liked. She made history and luxury fashion will never forget her.

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