Luxury hotels & social media: Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group

Luxury hotels & social media: Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group


Recently, luxury hotels start to use social media. Pursuitist interviews Mac Joseph, senior manager of social media marketing of Mandarin Oriental Hotel group, and the following are what he shares:

First, it is important because it helps connect with customers no matter who are in past, present and future, and then provide even better experience. Second, it broadens their brand’s digital footprint by developing interconnected network of brand. Third, there is a small internal and localized team managing activities, among tools including Twitter applications, website analytics, and travel review report, the first two are the most effective management tool. Third, video, photography, conversation about customers’ stories with the hotels, and content which is editorial and localized are the most effective to engage users. Fourth, they measure social media activity by engagement levels, audience share, website referrals, and direct revenue. More and more their customers turn to Facebook and Twitter to ask for assistance.


Chien Chen Liu