Luxury hotel around the world

Luxury hotel around the world

« There, everything is order and beauty, luxury, calm and voluptuousness » These are the words used by Baudelaire to describe the « Ritz hotel » at his creation.

Time has passed and nothing much have changed, if you already had the chance to spend some time in a palace, you know that at the first step you’ve made into the lobby, you have entered in another universe.

In some way, palaces are to hospitality what Disneyland is to a child. Therefore, decades have passed and luxury in hospitality has evolved as every sector of the luxe industry. Due to a large increase of the middle class and a democratization of luxury; more and more people had the lust to change their holiday habits. That’s how a new kind of palace was born.

Designed for host as many people as possible, the new « 5 stars » hotel has recovered all of the most famous seaside resort on earth for a cost that has never been so low. But perfection and comfort have a price, a price above dollars, the human ressources. That’s why, all around the world have been build in stable but poor country, the new temple of luxury, with the biggest pool, the biggest room and the lowest payroll.

Nevertheless these news hotel will always put quantity over quality and hopefully, when we speak about comfort and well-being, it seems that the quality of services will always be more important than the size of the pool.

Then, ready to go ?


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