Luxury furniture: Prouvé, Le Corbusier in your home

Luxury furniture: Prouvé, Le Corbusier in your home

fauteuil-lc3-lecorbusier-1928Several furnitures are becoming luxury goods. To get the “Visiteur” chair from Prouvé in their home, people has to spend at least 15 000 euros.

After the World War II, designers like Prouvé, Le Corbusier, Perriand or Jeanneret thank about furniture that are matching the new constraints of the new society. Creations were put in a pedestal. they’ve been transformed into some sacred objects. Thanks to exhibitions, articles in newspapers and magazine the every day life accessorizes have become object that enhance envychaise-antony-jean-prouve and speculations

Why do people suddenly find interest in this kind of furniture? For those who love classical design it is all about nostalgia. To own iconic furniture is like owning a piece of the collective memory. It is also about owning pieces from movies or books such as the “Visiteur” chair of Prouvé, which was part of Tintin in the Tibet (where professor Calculus seat).

Luxury designers also own luxury furniture like Azzedine Alaïa whom apartment in Le Marais in Paris is all decorated with his personal collection from Prouvé.


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