Luxury & feminism

Luxury & feminism

Feminism in Luxury matters because women have been for at least half a century, the sale drivers; the target for brands. In opposition to the pre-1950’s time, when the man was dealing with money. However, we can notice a sexualisation of women’s bodies and a banalisation of nudity in a world mostly ruled by men.

In front of this statement, things are changing. We assist to a upsurge of women becoming creative directors for top fashion brands, justifying their presence by this argument, that they understand their kind. Clare Right Keller for Givenchy or Natacha Ramsay Levy for Chloe are some example, Phoebe Philo for Celine was an other.

We can say that the world has never been so close to equality in terms of gender. And so, in a world where women are working and living inmotion, they need an adapted dressing, fit to everyday life.

That is why we can understand the fierce criticism against the nomination of Hedi Slimane, a man for Celine in remplacement of Phoebe Philo, a woman. This one, offering a collection out of step with his time, in a context of « women liberation » (#metoo and #balancetonporc) showing some glittery-mini-dresses, instead of the comfy suits she used to propose.

To conclude, we can say that women position is evolving, even if there is a long way to go…

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