Luxury cosmetics

Luxury cosmetics

Despite the current gloomy economic climate, luxury cosmetics are the real drivers of the beauty market. Indeed, the most luxurious brands such as Crème de la Mer, have rarely been such well. However, product quality alone is no longer sufficient. We must today create dreams, offering clients a truly global shopping experience in which, the services adding product value, become more important (sales rituals, ultra-developed packaging, smiles special personal attentions etc…)

Nowadays, women need recognition and attention. Enter in a perfumery must be an enchanted parenthesis. A real magical break Guerlain offers to its customers thanks to the recent renovation of its luxurious Champs-Elysées boutique. Luxury leaves no tolerance for imperfections. Difficult, for example to resist to Kanebo Sensai Premier Cream in its sumptuous Japanese-inspired delicate package (€655) and the famous Guerlain Imperial Orchid Cream (€ 337). To conclude, the universe surrounding beauty products is nowadays more involved, in order to make luxury beauty goods more desirable, more attractive and more exclusive.