Luxury businesses : arts and crafts looking young enthusiasts

Luxury businesses : arts and crafts looking young enthusiasts

Leather goods and watchmaker have real labor needs

If some well-known professions of the general public are pointed, such as jeweler or cabinetmaker, other, more rare, are not taught though very popular with students. Example: the craft of lacquer, whose only training is National School of Applied Arts and crafts Oliver de Serres.

Many years of practice before mastering gesture
Dream, standing out, constantly learn but mostly transmitted its expertise so it does not disappear, and find new opportunities to cope with competition. These are the challenges for the trades of the hand, where excellence is acquired most often over the years. “These professions require much investment as it usually takes several years of practice before you know perfectly master the gesture. We must also diversify its maximum experiences to feed his practice of the trade, only means to innovate and adapt to the vagaries of the market.


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