Luxury brands: on their way of digitalisation

Luxury brands: on their way of digitalisation

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            Late on the consumer brands, luxury houses began to industrialize their management of the digital technology. The stake is, to better know the customer, his tastes, and sell more on-line.

            The luxury made of the digital technology a priority. Luxury houses want to catch up in this domain compared to fashion brands as Zara or H&M. L’Oréal’s CEO considers that “The digital technology is going to change everything”. It testifies the big interest of the luxury brands for this channel.

         Luxury brands digitalisation3 Burberry, which is one of the most luxury brand connected to the world, made of the digital a strategic axis. Gucci and Vuitton are, them, well positioned in terms of services offered (fast delivery, “personal shoppers“), according to one of the last study of ContactLab. Others brands make progress, as Ralph Lauren, Loro Piana or also Givenchy. There is a real revolution, a real awareness since one year in these big houses. In effect, they began to industrialize this management because they realize how important it is.

     Nowadays, the online purchases of luxury products represent approximately 6% of the sales of the sector brands, and this, according to Contact Lab. It seems not too big, but the growth reached 50% in one year. In 2020, this part should pass to 18%. Accessories, fragrances, clothing, watchmaker are the sectors that represent the main part of purchases on the Internet.

              The digital technology is going to help the brands to know better their customers. Their sellers will be equipped with mobiles phones to serve them better in shop. So, they will be capable tomorrow to see the purchases realized by a customer who come from another country (to be known) and to reserve him the articles that he might likes or prefers.

              This digital strategy will influence almost half of sales of a brand until 2020. In effect, before any purchase, the consumers have a look on their mobiles to compare different products and their prices. Often, they prefer to go directly in the Boutique to finalize the purchase because of the expensive prices of luxury products.

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