Luxury brands and museums collaborations, a rising trend?

Luxury brands and museums collaborations, a rising trend?

Luxury houses appear to have an increasingly higher interest in exhibiting their timeless pieces and share their unique histories with consumers. Many museums around the world are open to the propositions of luxury brands to collaborate on special exhibitions to receive benefits on both sides.







Saint Laurent in Denver Art Museum, 2012.






For museums it is very lucrative to collaborate with luxury brands in order to attract a wider range of visitors who are interested in the combination of art and luxury. Also, the chosen museum gets highly promoted and connected to the sumptuous universe of luxury.





Alexander McQueen at the MET, sponsored by the luxury house itself in 2011.




As for a luxury brand, it is a not-to-be-missed opportunity, which allows it to highlight its collections (marketing tool), and invites potential future consumers into its world of artistic perfection and exclusivity.



Nad’a Chrenková







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