Luxury brands and digital marketing.

Luxury brands and digital marketing.

Nowadays the rise of digital marketing is changing the way luxury brands engage with customers, and traditional companies must embrace what is now possible in today’s connected and mobile world or be left behind.


An example of this huge success : Burberry launching their Facebook page in 2009, Burberry were one of the first luxury brands to use the social networking giant and have now amassed a whopping 17 million followers. Using the page to share product campaigns, behind the scenes content, catwalk footage, company milestones, announcements and store openings. Now their sales are constantly improving.


With digital brand are building  relationship with people who may continue to use their product for the next 25 years. Those interactions that you have, particularly through social streams that you can get through digital, are super valuable.

That’s why now, several luxury houses wants to include a digital strategy in there marketing. This is how you connect with people.


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