Luxury bio cosmetic – Patyka case

Luxury bio cosmetic – Patyka case

Natural, soft for the skin and eco-friendly, bio cosmetics has many advantages. Unfortunately, certify brand which succeeds in producing products attractive is rare. Green or wealthy packaging, vegetal smell: dreams and design rarely have its place.

But nowadays, natural cosmetics are no longer only in bio supermarkets and invest cosmetic niche shops. Its luxury version with seducing packaging attract new public sensitive to esthetics and ethics.

For instance, the French cosmetic brand Patyka is the perfect match between luxury and biological. The chic Parisian design white and black is a mix of Art Nouveau and Art Deco. The packaging is luxury origami boxes print in burgundy. And the product is biological and respect sensitive skins, they are made with natural products harvested in the respect of the vegetal and its development. On top of that, Patyka defend made in France, a true responsible brand.

Patyka is loved by stars too, Lady Gaga has posted a photo in her hotel bathroom surrounded by Patyka products, and the American actress Gwyneth Paltrow wrote a laudatory article about this brand on her ecological blog.

Patyka truly embody this new generation of French luxury bio cosmetic brand which revolutionized natural cosmetic world. In the Hope that other brand born, and that luxury cosmetics launch their own product line of bio cosmetics.


Justine Latta

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