Luxury and Z Generation

Luxury and Z Generation

The challenge facing brands and Luxury Homes at a time when retail is still Rainier is that of generating envy and commitment on the part of Generation Z. A major mission, as necessary as it is rich in challenges.

Regarding the authenticity

Ultra-solicited, volatile, Digital Natives – GenZ in particular – would place sincerity as a non-negotiable pre-requisite, a pledge of confidence and commitment, at least in the short term. “The Generation Z is in search of authenticity. The marketing of luxury brands with a stroke of muses no longer speaks to them, it is necessary to return to the original values: the know-how, the rarity of the product, the speech of the brand. We must succeed in changing corporate values to meet these new expectations. – Régis Pennel, Founding President of L’Exception.

Regarding the experience

Ultra-connected, eager for social networks – among 15-24-year-olds, more than half of the time spent on the mobile Internet would be devoted to social platforms and video, according to a recent study Médiamétrie – Generation Z n ‘ would not be disconnected from the real world and experience in real life. “With e-commerce and social networks, this customer Z has access to everything, all the time. In order to seduce her to come to the store, you have to have a real added value: it can go through the originality of the offer, the retailtainment, but also by the personalized advice. It is a generation in search of human contact, the sales consultant is even more important. – Regis Pennel, The Exception.

With regard to segmentation

Faced with this young target, with purchasing power that is often still uncertain, one of the major challenges lies in proposing a product that is both segmented, both in terms of the product and its distribution and communication.