Luxury and veganism

Luxury and veganism

Let’s start by defining what is Veganism: it’s the fact to refuse consuming products coming from animal exploitation. It exists in food&beverage, fashion, home decoration etc.

As you may know, Veganism took an important place in the world in general but especially in luxury.

Thanks to organisms like PETA, people are now aware of the animals’ conditions of raising and don’t want to be part of this slaughter.

That’s why many brands decided to ban fur from their collections such as Burberry, Gucci, Jean-Paul Gauthier but as well to not use leather .

Vegea, an italian brand founded in 2016 by Gianpiero Tessitore, offers products made from grapes’ leather. It’s an ethical way to consume without exploiting animals. They says that there are 26 billions liters of wine produced annually, creating a ton of waste from the production process. Instead of losing it, Tessitore  decided to use it as a fashion and cruelty-free product

James&Co is a brand founded in 2012, which offers jackets made from pineapple skin which is thick and resistant.

Nowadays, exploiting animals won’t make u being trendy; think about it next time you’ll go shopping.


Apolline Cheron

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