Luxury and the digital age

Luxury and the digital age

Nowadays we are living in a digital age in which everything is about social media and being online. Brands try to keep up with this age and adjust their strategies, but Luxury houses ignored these changes for a long while. Because of this Luxury brands are now falling behind and barely able to keep with the fast changes. The instore experience of many Luxury brands have always been amazing, but people nowadays also want such an experience online. ‘In fact, nearly half of all consumers say the online experience for luxury brands is not as strong as it is in store’ (G. Locke, 2018). Most houses realise now that the online experience should be as good as the in store experience, but there are still houses that think that their clients prefer to shop in store. They believe it is a waste of money to invest in the online experience, which makes them more left behind.

A good example of a brand that is adjusting perfectly to this new digital era is Burberry. ‘They have included live streaming of see now, buy now catwalk shows, and in-store interactive mirrors which show customers content based on the clothes they’re looking at’ (G. Locke, 2018).

Written by Rémy

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