Luxury and sustainability

Luxury and sustainability

Luxury houses were never really busy with sustainability. The most important thing was that the brand had a strong heritage and storytelling. Nowadays they feel a new era coming up where the new generations Y and Z actually care about brands who care about the environment. They try to adjust their strategies to show these generations they could indeed be sustainable. One of the front runners is the Luxury brand Stella McCartney. It is the first 100% vegetarian brand and keeps developing as an ethical brand throughout the years. The brand is clearly very innovative and keeps trying new things. The Luxury house even started collaborating with second hand retailer The RealReal to extend the lifecycle of Luxury products. As a brand, Stella McCartney states about this partnership ‘We believe in what The RealReal is doing and are thrilled to be the first luxury brand to put together a program of sustainability initiatives with them’ (Stella McCartney, 2018).

Hopefully many other Luxury houses will follow this example, because the interest of the new generations are changing and sustainability is part of this change.

Written by Rémy

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