Luxury and social network

Luxury and social network

If the luxury brands have gradually become familiar with the social media, the big winners are certainly those who set foot first.

1) Chanel’s long awaited Instagram posts

While Chanel arrived at Instagram, she now knows perfectly how to play the game. After a long moment of silence, where they took advantage to naturally accumulate followers simply by being Chanel, they finally posted Their first photo in October 2014 – one to two years after all competing houses.

Since then, the point where they differ is their willingness to post videos. If most brands love the simplicity of a well-framed photo, Chanel measures the value that their videos bring to their followers by inviting them to discover the backstage of the brand.

2) Burberry’s desire to try new social networks

It was in 2006 that Angela Ahrendts, the Burberry CEO at the time, announced that the English fashion house had the goal of becoming the first luxury brand fully digitized. Since that day, Burberry has invested a great deal of effort to dominate this digital sphere.

Burberry was one of the first to be fully engaged in the social media in the luxury industry. They were the first to have pinpointed the potential of Snapchat, with a campaign in 2014. It was also the first luxury brand to use the ‘Buy’ button on Twitter, allowing mobile instant purchases. The house has even managed to penetrate the heights of the Chinese Internet, allowing them access to this gigantic market with a presence on WeChat.

3) Control of the Twitter account of Jean-Paul Gaultier

Like Chanel on Instagram, Jean-Paul Gaultier was able to impose itself on Twitter without even posting a single tweet. How is this possible ? Simply via a playful competition system. The Jean-Paul Glorywall was a page integrated to the site of Jean-Paul Gaultier favoring the sharing of contents JPG. The user name appears on the wall if they mention a collection. The more they mention JPG, the more they keep their name at the top of the Glorywall. The person with the most tweets at the end of a given period earns a bottle of brand perfume.

Naturally, Twitter was stormed by mentions from the next JPG collection. And how much did the brand cost this marketing operation? A bottle of perfume in everything and for everything.