Luxury Accessories For Pets

Luxury Accessories For Pets

How much do we love our pets? The answer seems to perfectly illustrate the billions that owners are willing to spend on them. Every year more and more money is spent on luxury goods and services for pets. It can be anything – from hotels for cats and dogs, which we would not mind to use, to treats, dog massages, or even expensive wardrobe.

Sometimes you can meet small pets in jewellery, hooked directly to the collar. Do you think that only Paris Hilton puts her Chihuahuas on Juicy Couture and Louis Vuitton? This is not entirely true. It seems that luxury costumes for animals are very popular. Fashion houses finally realised that pet products are a gold mine, and often jackets and jumpsuits are added to their collections. An exception was not even the loudest collaboration of the fall – Moschino x H&M, that decided to expand the already large collection with the range of accessories for pets.

Pet Collar
Source: Tiffany & Co.

H&M x Moschino
Source: Moschino

Wealthy owners of dogs and cats believe that not only they can travel with expensive luggage, they also buy luxury carriages to their four-legged friends. Do not believe? Buy a ticket to the business class of expensive airlines, and you can enjoy this funny spectacle.

Louis Vuitton Dog Carrier
Source: Louis Vuitton