Luxurious dessert – Ladurée co-branding

Luxurious dessert – Ladurée co-branding

Ladurée is a French bakery and dessert maker house, which founded in 1862. The core products in the house are macaron and pastries, also has some extension products, like Beauty, tea & wine, book and clothes.

Laduree has successful partnership with some brands, firstly, they co-branding with Uniqlo to create some cloth collections, which have macaron patterns on it. Second, they co-branding with Disney to launch cute Micky macaron, it can attract many kids and young ladies because of it’s lovely shape. Third, they cooperate with Sephora to launch beauty product, like bath, perfume and make-up products.

Laduree use co-branding strategy cleverly, making products appear in the daily life to attract more and more new consumer.




Hsu Ya Han

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