Louvre’s pyramid

Louvre’s pyramid

The Louvre’s history is plenty of transformations and renewals. In the 80’s the “Grand Louvre” took place:  a set of renewals carried out by the President Mitterrand to make Paris shinier.

One of these renewals was changing the entrance to the museum. This project was entrusted to the architect Ieoh Ming Pei.

A new entrance through a reversed glass pyramid. This style represents the opposition and contrast between past and present.

It has been criticized that modern style of the pyramid coexisting in an harmonious way with the classicism that involves the Museum. However, is one among many samples of the new Parisian attitude oriented to innovation.

One curiosity about this project is that this pyramid has the same proportions as the Cheops Pyramid in Egypt.

At the end, the project’s audacity and elegance has showed the correct way to reassess that space which was very difficult to overcome.1280_1322854949_piramide-del-louvre-paris


Alicia Queralt

Alicia QUeralt