Louis Vuitton’s workshop

Louis Vuitton’s workshop

ateliers LV

     Louis Vuitton settles his workshop of suitcases, “Atelier Louis Vuitton” in Asnières-sur-Seine in 1859. It is a strategic place because of the Seine, which allows the wood supply by barge and also due to the railroad, which links directly the workshop with Saint-Lazare railway station.

     The workshop represents the heart of the House. All the family’s sons learned the “art of suitcase” and today, Patrick-Louis Vuitton is in charge of the special orders.

     The know-how of exception of the craftsmen of Asnières makes that they still realize today emblematic pieces as steamers trunks, suitcases, models in rare and exotics leathers but also very unique, exclusives and special commands for private individual.

Atelier Louis Vuitton

These creations have for aim, the perfection and the uniqueness. In effect, the customer can personalize as he pleases his luggage. 140

Moreover, what we understand by “special commands”, can be everything and anything. As Patrick-Louis Vuitton said, “Here, each demand of the customer is unique”.

For instance, Karl Lagerfeld ordered a steamer trunk for his Ipod collection, Scott Campbell, favourite tattoo artist of Marc Jacobs, ordered one also for his instruments.

But…if you want a special command, how does it work?

Everything begins with an interview: one hour at least to know the customer’s expectations. Then, on a big notebook, Patrick Louis-Vuitton draws a precise plan of the steamer trunk or the briefcase.

The manufacture, in wood, leather or others rare materials can require untilworkshop Louis vuitton200 hours of work according to its complexity. Because of this working heap, the customer has to wait several months before having his object done.

If Louis Vuitton’s production has been developed and became industrialized these last few years, with a dozen workshops in France, the special orders, them, will always be created in Asnières.

Atelier Louis vuitton

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