Louis Vuitton – Case Cross the World

Louis Vuitton – Case Cross the World

Some encounters, often fortuitous and capital, can upset an existence.
The history of Louis Vuitton is in this respect truly exemplary.

When he was 13 years old in the Parisian capital, he found a job by being a clerk and apprentice to a well-known truck-maker, Monsieur Marechal.

During this work, Louis Vuitton has the opportunity to attend high Parisian society and acquire certain reputation.

In 1854, he found the courage to set out on his own account and opened his first shop at 4, rue Neuve-Des-Capucines.
The brand specializes in “safely packaging the most fragile items for travelers”.

At that time, the world of means of transport evolved very empty, my cumbersome luggage that faithfully follow their owner do not adapt quickly enough to his last.

Louis Vuitton has the idea of ​​his life.
In 1856, he made his first trunk, stacking, light and waterproof, modern luggage was born.
Louis Vuitton adds another quite fundamental technique to its success, customization.
He understands that his clients have many different needs.
It will serve the viceroy of Egypt Ismail Pasha, or again Grand Duke Nicholas, future Russian Tsar, King of Spain Alfonso XII or explorer Savorgnan de Brazza, who will entrust his sleep to a trunk Of camp Vuitton during his expeditions.


1875, coincides with the launch of the wardrobe with wardrobe space and triroires (Wardrobe).
The emblematic checkered pattern was born in 1888, eight years before the famous Monogram motif.

The advent of automobiles, small soft luggage are designed to adapt to these new “fast” means of transport: from the bag Steamer Bag or Keepall, to the legendary and imperishable Speedy and Noah.

Coco Chanel, Marlene Dietrich, Cary Grant, Brigitte Bardot and today Sharon Stone or Angelina Jolie to name the best known. Suitcases that even happen to erase the movie stars by playing it people.






Valentine Perreaux.

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