Christian Louboutin luxury shoes have established itself over the years as recognizable among all pumps with their scarlet soles.


The story of a shoe

Legend has it that Christian Louboutin has imagined the shape of his shoes as he walked the streets of Paris . The shoes were born of hassle would have felt the French designer on seeing a sign to female tourists not to scratch the wooden floor in front of a museum. Christian Louboutin decided to draw only shoes with soles and compressed loops. Initially, these were of black or gray color . But the provocative Christian Louboutin was inspired by the crimson varnish to her assistant applied to the soles of his shoes.


The new collection Louboutin

It was in 1992 that Christian Louboutin opened his first shoe store, rue de Grenelle in Paris. It is nicknamed the “boudoir” by clients who attend.

The designers quickly noticed the shoes with devastating curves and for heels. Most pairs of shoes are manufactured by Italian artisans for the sake of perfection.

In 2002, Yves Saint Laurent shoes all its models parade with Christian Louboutin shoes. The stars are pulling their creations home Louboutin, opens shops worldwide.

The new collection of shoes with unique shapes, is still inspired and offers both shoes as sneakers, including Louis Flat Spikes and Orlato Flat.

The shoes are now known to all.


But the most famous shoe designer of world markets since August 25 its first range of nail polish. On the program: the famous Red Louboutin, but also other colors in mind or pop nude.

After years of dressing women’s feet, Christian Louboutin decided to expand its field of action by launching its first range of nail polish. The most popular of these lacquers will undoubtedly Red Louboutin, this varnish, who gets the same color as the iconic soles of the shoe.


The latter is available on the website . A real luxury item that is found in all shops of the brand and at Printemps.


         Marie MARTINEZ



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