Les Néréides Jewellery

Les Néréides Jewellery

Les Néréides begins with a love story.

Pascale and Enzo met as teenagers at the Academy des Beaux-Arts. She was from three generations of artists; he was from a large Italian family. Young and in love, the couple married, moved to Nice and founded Les Néréides in 1980. Three decades later, Les Néréides is a poetic, quintessentially French brand that honors storytelling, style and craftsmanship – just as the idealistic designers imagined it would many years ago.

It was love at first sight for Pascale and Enzo, when they studied photography (not jewelry design) at the Academy des Beaux-Arts. Pascale was from three generations of artists. Enzo had grown-up in the heart of a large Italian anti-conformist family. It was the fusion of two universes. Pascale has always loved jewels: from the age of 14 she was wearing her mum’s jewels. One creation led to another, one by one, they started to make their own jewelry to share their love for beauty.

The style of Les Néréides collections is emotional, poetic, calls to memories. It is hyper-feminine, the brand is always deeply aware of the details. The collection plan is quite similar over seasons since our customers have specific theme expectations, such as flowers, narratives and animals. Through organic, vegetal shapes, Les Néréides transports women to a dream world. Everything is carefully designed: is the right flower adapted to the right season, is the right animal placed in the right environment?

The style has become more structured over the years. First, they were using numerous materials; today they have a very good knowledge of their customers to create a unique jewel adapted to each one of them. The wild and fanciful universe of Les Néréides has always found its inspiration in nature as well as in travelling. The two designers, Pascale and her son Pier-Paolo, Les Néréides Artistic Director, bring back treasures from every one of their journeys. Old dolls, night lights, statues, vintage jewelry, paintings, anything that evokes memory with emotional value.

 The fall/winter 2017 collection has rich symbolism. In the Moonlight has snow owls and eagle owls, which are symbols of good fortune. As for Winter Garden, this is a collection that pays tribute to a famous female scientist who dedicated her life to botany. Golden Vegetals reinterprets and modernizes Art Deco classic jewelry to celebrate autumn greenery and forest fruits in time for fall. With each Les Néréides collection, there is always a story, a souvenir, an emotion.

At Les Néréides, they do not work on a single piece but on a collection as a whole. They create an entire history. The narrative stretches from the biggest necklace to the smallest earring. Throughout the collection, all of the details are carefully tended to. Every piece of jewelry is handmade, an artisanal creation and thus unique. They use the exact same process that fine jewelry designers use – every final creation starts with a drawing. For the biggest necklaces, it takes many hours just for hand-painting and hand-enameling – that doesn’t even count the time spent creating the mould, pouring the wax and assembling the pieces.

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