Le robe Mondrian by Yves Saint Laurent

Le robe Mondrian by Yves Saint Laurent

Monsieur Saint Laurent, el revolutionary french designer, was an apasionated of art. In his career had time to participate in the production of the costumes of plays and movies of Resnais, Truffaut o luis Buñuel as well as to collect high pieces of art whose authors were Goya, Brancusi, Picasso, Matisse o Mondrian. But these arte pieces also gave him the inspiration to come up with new ideas in his work.


For Monsieir Saint laurent, fashion and art where relationated. This is the case of the autumn/winter collection created in1965/1966 and inspired in the modern Art of Mondrian.

Inside of this collection one of the iconic dresses of the world of fashion was born: The Mondrian Dress.

This collection was composed of dresses whose cut was idea of the genious Cristóbal Balenciaga. Wool dresses, sleeveless with a round neck was the essence of these dresses. It was composed of squared pieces of basic colours such us white, red, yellow or blue delimited by black lines.

Monsieur Saint Laurent followed the style of Mondrain perfectly who chose that black lines to avoid colours to be influenciated, and preserve their purity. This is because Mondrian wanted to reflect simplicity, what is easy and abstract without emotions or contradictions and maybe this style lead experts to considerate his work as timeless creations


The different versions of the Mondrian dresses were the most wanted pieces. These dresses caused sensation and became part of the history of fashion. This contributed to the consideration of Yves Saint Laurent as the immortal artist. At that time, all the women wanted to wear the Mondrian by Yves Saint Laurent. It was new, fresh, a new way of seeing art in a closest way because there was no necessary to go to museums to see the art. You could see it in the streets! In fact, this has been the most copied dress ever!






Alicia Queralt

Alicia QUeralt

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