Le Fouquet’s : the french touch

Le Fouquet’s : the french touch

le fouquet's




I am sure you already know what is Le Fouquet’s ! For those who don’t know, here is a little reminder : this a historic restaurant in Paris, founded in 1899. There are also one in Cannes and one in Toulouse. Le Fouquet’s is classified as a historic building.

If you go there, to have a lunch or even sleep on the hotel, it is possible for you to meet a cinema star or even Mister Sarkozy, the previous president of France, who went there to celebrate its victory in 2007. Also, each year, there is a dinner reception after the show the « CESAR ».

Of course, as this is a luxury restaurant and hotel, prices are high. You can eat, for example, fish or « ris de veau », all are luxury dishes made and created by the chief Jean-Yves Laurenguer. And his last ‘creation’ was the menu all gluten free, as he takes care of the nutrition and new trends.

The price of the menu starts at 78 euros. You can also have a dring at the famous bar « L’Escadrille », where you will enjoy a beautiful view on the Champs-Elysées.


So, do you want to book a table ?


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