Le Café Marly

Le Café Marly

Years ago, two teenagers, move to Paris to make their fortunes in the restaurant business. Since then, Costes brothers took risks, bought and invested in around 45 restaurants and hotels throughout the city.

The most famous one is Le Café Marly, located in the heart of the Louvre Museum under the arcades. It has a perfect decoration which keeps the charm of the Louvre Palace. Is full of ambience; open every day from 8.00am until 1.00am or even later, they will not close until customers leave. It is known also for having clients from the French jet-set, artists, designers etc who give the glamour and style that this café has.

Is a place where everyone should go at least once. The service is at the top of expectation, the ambience, the good food and wine etc. can make of your dinner or glass of wine a perfect moment of relax with family and friends.

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