Le Bon Marché: “La Grande Epicerie de Paris” reinvented in 2013

Le Bon Marché: “La Grande Epicerie de Paris” reinvented in 2013

In 1852, Aristide Boucicaut and his wife invented modern shopping, as we know it, by creating the world’s first department store selling a vast range of items, Le Bon Marché.

This groundbreaking and revolutionary couple had come up with a commercial model that would soon be copied around the globe.


In 1923, at the corner of rue de Sèvres and rue du Bac, Le Bon Marché food counter opened its doors. First it was a place where you could find the finest teas and preserves. It became La Grande Epicerie in 1978, positioning itself as a genuine local supermarket for food aficionados on the Rive Gauche.


After the LVMH group took over Le Bon Marché, La Grande Epicerie de Paris became a high-end, resolutely Parisian food store that reflected a certain Rive Gauche lifestyle.


In 2012, La Grande Epicerie de Paris started a big transformation to become more exceptional and modern. The first change was the new incredible cellar inaugurated in 2012.


The idea was to create a store built as a village market place with several spaces for each kind of products.

The central space is where you can find fruits and vegetables, then as you walk through the store you discover more and more places: the bakery, the cheese shop, the butcher’s, the fine spices and teas, the fishmonger’s… Each space is like a small boutique with people specialized and very skilled welcoming and advising you.

There is a place where you can find only candies, another where there is big shelves full of different waters from all over the world, or a space dedicated to foie-gras, salmon and caviar.


This revival makes of La Grande Epicerie de Paris an amazing, magic and luxury place to shop. The experience is unique and the level of service is huge with a private parking valet, a luxury caterer and a conciergerie.


Marion Majorel