Ladurée – The History of the Macaron

Ladurée – The History of the Macaron

The history of the French luxury baker and sweets maker reaches back more than 150 years to 1862. Today, Ladurée is of the best-known makers of macarons in the world, selling around 15,000 pieces every day.

La Duree

Looking back to the history of the traditional luxury bakery, it all started with Louis-Ernest Ladurée founding the first Ladurée bakery in 1862 on the Rue Royal in Paris. Ladurée only reached its popularity in 1930 when the founder’s grandson Pierre Desfontaines had the idea of creating a double-decker by sticking two macaron shells with a creamy filling in between.

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Still, it is not like today’s majority believes, that Ladurée “invented” the famous macaron. The history of the macaron reaches back in the 16th century when queen Catherine de’ Medici brought the macaron to France. Ladurée only “re-invented” the recipe and made it popular. Also, by combining the tradition of French cafes and bakeries Ladurée grew to the famous brand it represents today.



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