20000… is the number of macaroons that are sold every day in the world. 

An impressive figure, when we know that at its beginning LA DURÉE was only a bakery located at 16 rue Royale in the heart of Paris. After a fire that ravaged the store, Louis Ernest transforms bakery pastry. Still unknown to the general public, it is in the twentieth century as the grand-son of the founder, Pierre Desfontaines , created by joining two macaroon shells and filling them with ganache.

In 1993, following financial difficulties, the store was bought by David Holde, who keeps the recipe for macaroons, but plays on creativity by launching new flavors by reworking the packaging boxes and the design of the shop, and luxury image by treating the French.

In 1997, the second Ladurée shop opened. With 3,000 customers a day, it is the must of the Champs Elysees. Ladurée macaroons also make an appearance in the Sophia Coppola movie, where we see Marie Antoinette engulf macaroons with raised … a publicity stunt, which helped to make known internationally that cake!



LA DURÉE is everywhere, and opens about ten new stores a year.

A detail of the greatest importance: Ladurée has never resorted to advertising. Its success is due among other things to his careful choice marketings. Its locations are chosen as for a loan to wear luxury brand.

The brand remains secret in his universe: the decoration of stores and product packaging. An atmosphere very “Versailles” that customers love.

LA DURÉE does not hesitate to create limited editions, and launches two collections a year, to accompany its classic four spring-summer macaroons with fruity taste and light, autumn-winter and four in the Christmas spirit. Fashion designers like John Galliano and Christian Lacroix, draw also a box for macaroons LADURÉE edition limited, in their way.


Thus, the leader of macaroons, Ladurée offers tailor-made to its most affluent customers, and continues to satisfy the most demanding palate!12311224_730317703736077_3147490344557755445_n



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